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Like you, I’m a female solopreneur and my passion in life is to help other women grow and succeed in their businesses.


Hello! I’m Anna

I am one of those people that LOVE to do the tasks that most people find tedious – strategy, analysis, admin, technical stuff…..

You know, that stuff you spend HOURS trying to work out for yourself, but then bury to the bottom of your to-do list hoping it will magically disappear.

Those tasks are my happy place.

So let’s work together so you can focus on what makes you happy and I can clear those tasks lurking at the bottom of your to-do list (cos I’m afraid they won’t disappear by magic).


I live in Auckland with my 5 year old twin girls and our one-eyed cat Max (long story).

I am lucky enough to have spent time in some pretty exciting Management and Marketing roles over my career – mostly within the prestige beauty industry.

When my girls were little, I created an online hub called Twins & More which offered products, information and support to other twin mama’s here in NZ and around the world.

It was while building up my own business that I discovered how isolating and frustrating it can be being a solopreneur as there is so little affordable and practical support out there to help us to grow.

My passion is helping others to navigate the overwhelm, frustration and huge learning curve that it is to run your own business and help you to build a more successful life – so let’s chat.

Set of twins



Cups of Coffee

“Successful entrepreneurs keep going when other people would give up. That inner drive is what defines a successful business owner.

Your attitude will help determine whether your business succeeds or fails. So keep going and the hard work will pay off.”


Since starting my ecommerce business nearly three years ago I have learned sooooo much about the nitty gritty of running a solopreneur business.

From creating the strategy, to getting the most out of MailChimp, building sales and marketing funnels, writing email automations, getting the most out of Facebook ads, building a content strategy to help Google rankings and then analysing it all to make the most of opportunities.

I can help you make sense of it all and work with you to prioritise what we should work on so you don’t get overwhelmed while making huge progress in your business.


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